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Who we are

P-Sun International Co., Ltd

P-Sun is a multifunctional OEM trading company, established in 1993 and is ISO9001:2015 certified. P-Sun is situated in Taipei, Taiwan.
Additionally to the main office there, P-Sun has opened more subsidiaries in China and Taiwan and has several international representatives.
With values of honesty, quality, and character we provide our customers a link of supply chains to high-tech manufacturing resources in south-east Asia.

P-Sun International Co., Ltd
Shanghai Pin-Mao Company Limited

Wholly owned subsidiary of P-Sun International Limited in China.
A new legal entity with full functions for business transactions alongside P-Sun International Ltd. Shanghai Pin-Mao Company Ltd. can manage orders with international currency (US Dollar, Euro or CNY Chinese Yuan).

Shipments can be made directly from major Chinese ports to any destination around the world. Using international train routes across the continent for deliveries to Europe can be made directly and in shorter time.

The Product Liability Insurance is covering all shipments from both P-Sun International Ltd. and Shanghai Pin-Mao Company Ltd.

What we do

Total Customer Solutions

We offer total customer solutions: ranging from support and optimization for product development and engineering, quality management, supply chain management and up to a punctual delivery via our logistic network.

P-Sun Research and Development group works with our customers to take new product designs and concepts to make cost-effective, reliable, and marketable products. We work closely with our manufacturing departments to improve efficiency and eliminate waste during the production process.
We are always looking
at emerging technology and materials to grow our core competencies for our customers.

Quality Management

We are committed to quality and have state-of-the-art equipment to measure and qualify our products internally. Our quality assurance department works to insure that the manufacturing processes are in control, and our quality control department confirms that the products are built to customer standards prior to leaving Asia. This cooperation between the departments provides the best standard for internal improvement and allows us to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements.

Our Products
  • Faucets and components, shower system and components.
  • Plumbing products, plumbing OEM components and building hardware.
  • Procurement for hardware, automobile, machine sets, heating and ventilation system, cleaning products and steam line products.
P-Sun International Co., Ltd Process

Development assistance

  • Quick development and product optimizing Engineering support
  • Ensuring manufacture feasibility


  • Ideal supplier for customer requirements
  • Sourcing in South-East Asia
  • About 160 supplier contacts
  • Certificated suppliers
  • P-Sun finds the supplier with the best prices
  • Supplier Database
  • Supplier Survey
  • Supplier Training

Quality assurance and quality control

  • High quality standards
  • ISO9001:2008 certified
  • Quality management following TS16949 system
  • On site quality control
  • Regular supplier assessments
  • Testing Laboratories in Chungwa, Taiwan and Guangzhou, China

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • On time delivery
  • Kanban System, Consignment Inventories
  • Full service logistics and inventory control
  • Warehouses in Germany (Suttgart) and the USA (Ohio) enable a punctual delivery
  • Regional office established at concentrated supply chain area